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Tocktober, Tockstober (whatever) Twenty-sixth, Twenty-Fifteen

20110130234339And here is another shot, different kitten. As well as my son’s hand trying to help the kitten down.

Hope all are well. Loves to all,





Tockstober Nineteenth, Twenty-Fifteen

2013-04-29_08-13-28_508Bluff’s ‘tocks, a different view. Always a sweet boy.



Tockstober Seventeenth, Twenty-Fifteen

2013-05-07_08-29-24_89Here is 4 week old Domino showing one set of his wing spots in this ‘tock shot back in May 2013. I believe it is Mac-an-Bhaird on the board beside him. Oooo, and we have a licorice toe bean shot as well!! Wow, better than I realized.

And today is Sweetest Day, as well. So give your loves a squeeze.

Loves always,



Tockstober Thirteenth, Twenty-Fifteen

20AE641An almost ‘tocks shot. And a paw siting!!

Pretty gray lady cat.

Anyone else doing the ‘tocks shots for Tockstober?

I will be scrounging through my photos for cat/kitten pictures (as if there are any other kind      ;D    }.

Been fighting with my computer and internet services: if it is not one it is the other. Oh, well.

Hope everybody had a great day!

See you on the flip side.



It’s Caturday!!!!!

IMG00143All is well.

Pounce and Mitsu

*<      >^;^<


Late Sunday Nite Pounce

IMG00142To all newcomers to the Homestead, I think I’d better warn you that Mama Mitsu is a “Cat Lady”!!!

Ahem, Pounce here, looking cute as always, for a largish  cat. Right now, I’m the oldest cat in the colony, along with .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . .  .  .  .  .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. old man Gibbles. Ta da !!IMG00010

We sort of look like twins here, don’t ‘cha think? MM caught us just right. Of course, I tend to lay down in her path as she is traipsing around the homestead: here I’m on the house porch. I say “Aaaack aaaack” instead of what apparently most other cats say to humans. Gibbles she caught on her parents deck porch asleep. Look at those curled up hind feet and that front paw. I just know someone is going to “splort” as they say in the cutesy cat world. Sigh, I know. Silly but fun.

Anyway, I’ll be in and out of the homestead blog as it goes along and finds its voice/voices. Please to let us know if you are liking us, if you would, please.

Good night for now.

Later, taters.