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Tockstober Thirteenth, Twenty-Fifteen

20AE641An almost ‘tocks shot. And a paw siting!!

Pretty gray lady cat.

Anyone else doing the ‘tocks shots for Tockstober?

I will be scrounging through my photos for cat/kitten pictures (as if there are any other kind      ;D    }.

Been fighting with my computer and internet services: if it is not one it is the other. Oh, well.

Hope everybody had a great day!

See you on the flip side.




Who I Am and Why I’m Here, Part One

Not Certain I Want To Be HereWell, the entire textual post that I wrote for the Blogging 101: Zero to Hero Day One challenge completely deleted itself while displaying the image I chose so I guess not all is lost. It is late where I live and tomorrow is to be physically busy. So I will add to this another time when I am not as frustrated as I am at this moment.

Later, taters.