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Tockstober Eighteenth, Twenty-Fifteen

????????????????????My oldest boy Pounce’s ‘tocks on their way into the barn.   😀   This is a few years old also. It makes me smile to see it and him. I believe that is tortie Bram just under his tail.

Sad to say, Bram is no longer with us: she disappeared this early spring. And Pounce suddenly lost weight this past two weeks, hasn’t really been eating and the last time I saw him (Friday morning, Tockstober 16), he was half his adult weight.

I hope to see him tomorrow, Monday, when I will not be having to leave to go to work but will not be surprised if I never see him again in this life. I am not happy about that possibility because Pounce has been my constant companion for the last couple years whenever I went outside for practically any reason. Not underfoot but a comfortable distance and always (mostly) ready for a pet, flumping down to get skritches and thumps.

I am sad. He has been such a sweet boy and meal roll call will not be the same.




Tockstober Fourteenth, Twenty-Fifteen

2013-04-21_17-09-12_867Don’t remember whose tail is in the front center of the shot but it is dinner time again on the Homestead. Something obviously caught the attention of Chicory and his brother outside the frame. Rest assured everycat ended up in the barn.

Loves to all,

Mitsu and the Colony Cats


Tockstober Twelfth, Twenty-Fifteen

Food Time On the Homestead

Food Time On the Homestead

A good time for tock watching.    😉

When do you watch tocks?

(Sorry for the fuzziness.)



Water, Haiku, Simile



White, fluffy water

Covers the cats’ habitats

Like frosting on cake.