This is a WordPress blog in which I will be writing about cats, family, life and faith as I experience it, and not necessarily in that order. I am widowed over 15 years this coming December 2013 and have a son in his early 20’s. I have a kindle of kittens and a clowder of cats, all outdoor cats.

  1. As you know from my space I love cats and I look forward to the connection. Kath

  2. Lovely use of language. Kind Regards Cheryle

  3. A kindle and clowder, huh? It didn’t take you long to teach me something. Sounds like a blog I will enjoy.

    • I hope so, whenever I get up the gumption (motivation) to get back to it. The weather here in NW Tennessee put me under the weather, so to speak, along with family stuff (isn’t it always) has put me behind in a couple of the Blogging U courses.
      Thanks for coming by.

  4. Just checking in. I haven’t seen anything from you. Wonder if you are still an active blogger. If you are around, drop by and leave me a note. Hope you have had a nice Christmas.

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