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Day of the Dead, All Saints’ Day, All Souls’ Day: November 1st and 2nd, Twenty-Fifteen

 Each of the day (s) mentioned above are concerned with remembering loved ones who have died. For me in the past year the people who have died that I am remembering are my aunt Carmoletia and a maintenance man at the factory where I work who died after a short illness which turned out to be lung cancer. He had been our maintenance liaison between security and the factory. He was more than a simple maintenance man, he was our friend. Then there is the pianist at the church my parents’ attend. Maybe a few other people I cannot recall right this moment. I’m sure there are probably a few internet personages as well, but my mind is not what it should be when it comes to recalling some things/people. Sorry.

For me I’m remembering the cats who have died on my watch, so to say. Most of the cats pictured previously, except for Gibbles, Priscilla, Tatterdemalion and Bluff, have indeed died. The ones most recently added to the list of cats waiting for me are Pounce, Tiger Lily, Wizardly Little Bit, Spectacular Spooky, Priestly Mousie and Furreckles. Others who have gone this year include Odin, Graphina, Hematyte and others who are on my calendar at home. These are all outdoor cats and each are loved very much. They are essentially the reason I get up in the mornings: to feed and care for them, checking kitten eyes for “gunk” and putting eye drops in, checking noses for blocking mucus, checking for puncture wounds from fights and doctoring those as they allow as well as searching diligently for missing cats and hopefully finding them alive.

My son knows this and does care about the cats as well. He knows I love him first and foremost.

And so it goes.

Who are you remembering these couple of days, as well as lifting up the saints’ if that is your belief system? I have no problem with it as it is part of our calendar of days.

Be blessed and I’ll see you on the flip side.     ;D

Mitsu who is missing greatly her companion cat Pounce


Pounce waiting for attention.

Pounce waiting for attention.