Tockstober Eighteenth, Twenty-Fifteen

????????????????????My oldest boy Pounce’s ‘tocks on their way into the barn.   😀   This is a few years old also. It makes me smile to see it and him. I believe that is tortie Bram just under his tail.

Sad to say, Bram is no longer with us: she disappeared this early spring. And Pounce suddenly lost weight this past two weeks, hasn’t really been eating and the last time I saw him (Friday morning, Tockstober 16), he was half his adult weight.

I hope to see him tomorrow, Monday, when I will not be having to leave to go to work but will not be surprised if I never see him again in this life. I am not happy about that possibility because Pounce has been my constant companion for the last couple years whenever I went outside for practically any reason. Not underfoot but a comfortable distance and always (mostly) ready for a pet, flumping down to get skritches and thumps.

I am sad. He has been such a sweet boy and meal roll call will not be the same.




About Mitsubachicats1

I enjoy my son Kit, the cats who take care of me, reading, playing computer games, crafts and growing herbs(tho I haven't done much growing herbs lately). smooches >^;^

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  1. Cats are great companions, I have four and the amount of pet vet bills lately is getting hard to take. But we love them and would do anything to see them comfortable. I hope your cat is okay?

  2. Super cute shot. Cats are hilarious. Sorry to hear about your losses. 😦

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