Tockstober Sixteenth, Twenty-Fifteen

2013-05-06_17-15-35_507No words necessary.    ;D

Loves to all,




About Mitsubachicats1

I enjoy my son Kit, the cats who take care of me, reading, playing computer games, crafts and growing herbs(tho I haven't done much growing herbs lately). smooches >^;^

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  1. Kittehs… ABK runs in and yoinks the tuxie one…and the light one..and…AWWW heck… ABK scoops them all up and runs off… I haz a clowder of kittehs….

  2. What a gweat foto. Yous all be lookin’ gawjus. Don’t work to hawrd and have a gweat weekend.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  3. oh loveies, thanks for the thought. but. . . . i do work every week end and have for years: 2 twelve hour shifts at my regular assignment. Its just that last Wednesday was assigned extra someplace else for Thursday and Friday (yesterday and day before) as well as the coming Tuesday thru Friday. Thursday was first day there and I was unaware that the post was kept around 60 to 65 degrees F at all times (for what reason is unknown). So I was shivering and miserable as well as dazed and confused ;D . so i was quite exhausted when i did get home (12 hour shifts there also). that is i missed Thursday Tockstober 15. u may be sure I had on my thin layer as i call it the next day and felt much better. now tonight ar my regular post i do have on another layer more as it is supposed to get down to around 39 degrees F and i will be out in the middle of it 6 times thru the night. no problem is one is dressed for it and so i am.
    take care and be good. will”see” u another time. 😀
    Mitsu and the Colony Cats

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