Procrastination, Priorities, Depression and Weather

2013-05-08_08-37-27_469The picture you see before you is a corner of the barn that is part of Featherston Homestead. The cats use it as an entrance to the main space which they use: feeding areas and bedding and such. [Not that they do not use the rest of the barn, they do. But this side of the barn is mainly designated for the cats.]

As you can see, it needs some repairs. It is an old barn. For whatever reason, we have not kept up with putting up boards to cover the gaps that the barn has acquired from shrinkage due to the weather over the years. The roof has been tarred so most of the holes in the tin do not leak.

I think I will probably this spring attempt, make it a priority, to board up the gaps on the inside so as not to lose the aesthetic of the weathered boards on the outside. I will leave places for the cats to use, though.

I’ve been a bit depressed these last couple weeks, what with the “roller-coaster” weather temperatures and the glacial wind blasts. And we have a month and a half til official spring (not that it means the weather will regulate).

Saturday, February 1st was my birthday and a little joy returned. My son, whom I will call Kitson here, made me some brownies to bring to work. And my dad, whom I will call Dadcat here, made me a birthday cake, Angel food, I believe. Also, friends on a private website threw me a virtual birthday party and made me smile.

I’m going to try to hold onto the better mood that I have now. It is going to be difficult, however, because right now it is raining where I live and the weather people are predicting (again) snow by Monday morning. Today, Saturday, we’ve gone from 64 degrees F to 41 degrees F with lower to come.

Oh, well. It is time for me to go on walkabout here at work so I’ll close for now.

May your path be smoother as you travel.




About Mitsubachicats1

I enjoy my son Kit, the cats who take care of me, reading, playing computer games, crafts and growing herbs(tho I haven't done much growing herbs lately). smooches >^;^

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  1. For what it’s worth, we’re sweltering through 41 Celsius (~106 Fahrenheit) today down here in south east Australia, and my husband and I don’t have aircon – I’d happily take one of those glacial blasts off your hands! šŸ™‚

    The weather really impacts our mood, doesn’t it? We’ve had a very hot summer and I’m over it. The heat is inescapable, unless you go out to shopping centres or cinemas (which are hard because of my anxiety) or swimming (which is problematic, because I have ‘vampire skin’ which is very pale and burns up quickly in the sun). It sounds like your weather is getting you down, too.

    Ah well – we’ll survive!!! Happy Birthday for the 1st. May tomorrow be a better day … and may your birthday mark the start of a good year!

    • DysthymiaBree, please find on my blog my reply to your comment. I forgot I needed to moderate / approve/ disapprove comments made here. Needless to say, I did approve your comment.
      oh the joys of a beginner blogger. šŸ˜†
      Hope to hear from you again.
      BTW: it was the middle of the night here when I posted my offering. I work night swing 12-hour shift on the weekends.

  2. DysthymiaBree, I was very surprised but pleased to see so quick a response to my first official post of the Homestead website. I thank you for your response and hope to be an interesting blogger. You are correct: the weather can affect our moods, emotions and physicality culminating in depression. I, myself, am always in a slight state of depression. However, the cold has simply gotten to me this time around: I’m tired of wearing 3 and 4 layers of clothing to keep warm. I realize it is the opposite for you at this time, being in Australia. But this does show us how large the world is at the same time the Internet makes it small or rather close-knit.
    Thanks again.

    • Oh yes! I certainly didn’t mean to minimize the impact of the cold!!! I am sorry if it came across like that šŸ™‚ it’s so easy to not convey tone through the typed word, even using emoticons, isn’t it?
      BTW I couldn’t do the shifts you work – I’m in awe of people who work night shifts, let alone 12 hour swing shifts on the weekend. Good for you.
      And as to my quick response – I’m very interested in what people have to say about depression, so I often search for “depression” in the WordPress reader, which is how I found your blog so quickly šŸ™‚
      I like the fact that we live in a small world these days. So many more chances for community!
      Hope you get some relief from the cold soon. XX

      • No worries, hun. i do not feel that you were minimizing my weather at all and I am not doing that to yours either.
        Right now we are hoping that as the temperature drops the rain turns to snow and not ice: I really hate driving on ice. I’ve already had to do that this season. One time it took me 45 min. to an hour to get to work where on a good day/ light traffic it can take between 15 – 25 min. to get from home to work.
        About depression. I am planning on “talking” about it as the site goes on but it will not be the main theme of this site. At least I am not planning it to be. And that is fine.
        I am so glad you decided to check me out. I will look more at your site after the week end, ok?
        Take care.

      • You take care too! Be safe on those roads. Just to show how we’re facing sort-of-similar problems at the other extreme, our roads get slippery when the hot dust settles and then some rain falls – for some reason the roads are then much, much slipperier than in winter. I can’t remember the last time I drove on ice; it would be about fifteen years ago!
        Be safe, be well, and I’ll look forward to catching up later.

  3. OHAI…. I found you Mitsubishi … ((( Mitsubishi )))….ohai dysthymia …. I iz in Australia too…WA… and the hot affects me too…my mum at was the same…

    • {{{{{{{{{{{{aussiebadkitty}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
      welcome to my homestead. I thot of u when i saw where DysthymiaBree is writing from. Have u chekked her website out yet? i took a short peek at it earlier and plan to look further during the week.
      hope to see u another time.

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