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Procrastination, Priorities, Depression and Weather

2013-05-08_08-37-27_469The picture you see before you is a corner of the barn that is part of Featherston Homestead. The cats use it as an entrance to the main space which they use: feeding areas and bedding and such. [Not that they do not use the rest of the barn, they do. But this side of the barn is mainly designated for the cats.]

As you can see, it needs some repairs. It is an old barn. For whatever reason, we have not kept up with putting up boards to cover the gaps that the barn has acquired from shrinkage due to the weather over the years. The roof has been tarred so most of the holes in the tin do not leak.

I think I will probably this spring attempt, make it a priority, to board up the gaps on the inside so as not to lose the aesthetic of the weathered boards on the outside. I will leave places for the cats to use, though.

I’ve been a bit depressed these last couple weeks, what with the “roller-coaster” weather temperatures and the glacial wind blasts. And we have a month and a half til official spring (not that it means the weather will regulate).

Saturday, February 1st was my birthday and a little joy returned. My son, whom I will call Kitson here, made me some brownies to bring to work. And my dad, whom I will call Dadcat here, made me a birthday cake, Angel food, I believe. Also, friends on a private website threw me a virtual birthday party and made me smile.

I’m going to try to hold onto the better mood that I have now. It is going to be difficult, however, because right now it is raining where I live and the weather people are predicting (again) snow by Monday morning. Today, Saturday, we’ve gone from 64 degrees F to 41 degrees F with lower to come.

Oh, well. It is time for me to go on walkabout here at work so I’ll close for now.

May your path be smoother as you travel.